Unlocking Human Potential & Giving the Gift of Life by Providing Access to Clean, Safe Water and Proper Sanitation

Join the Best Practices for Oil & Gas community as we embark on a new social initiative to provide clean water and sanitation to those who are in dire need. Access to safe clean water is a necessity for us all, but in many areas of the developing world, this life-sustaining resource is scarce. The Eventful Group’s Wells for Water initiative will be raising and donating funds to benefit the work of The Water Project, a not-for-profit organization who constructs clean water projects in five countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa where the need is greatest.

The Best Practices for Oil & Gas conference invites you and your teams to become active parts of this humanitarian initiative that we, as a community, will be supporting this year and for years to come. Through the support from the Wells for Water initiative, The Water Project will help communities dig wells, construct small sand dams, harvest the rain, protect fresh-water springs and educate communities in proper sanitation and hygiene practices. The opportunity for us to make an impact is as great as the need. Our collective contributions will fund robust community mobilization, careful project construction and vital follow up and evaluation. Learn more about the work of The Water Project at thewaterproject.org.


To organize a personal/corporate donation, visit our dedicated fundraising page